T.I. Speaks At Doe B’s Funeral


As we sadly bring in the new year with the deaths of rappers like Mazaradi Fox and Doe B, the latter was laid to rest in his hometown of Montgomery, Alabama, and those who knew him and could see his bright future was taken from him.

T.I., who signed the young rapper born Glenn Thomas to his Grand Hustle label, attended the service and gave a eulogy in honor of the talented Doe B. “It’s very rare that you can find somebody at the age of 20-21 and sit them down in front of somebody that they aspire to be like and they are composed and poised and postured,” T.I. said. “That is what drew me to him, even more than the music.”

Montgomery Police currently have two suspects in custody – Jason McWilliams and Darius Thomas, both 25 years old. A third victim in the shooting, Timnorious Hamilton, also passed away on January 3. — Max Weinstein