Trap Files: Keys N Krates Want Vodka And Rick Ross According To Reddit


First it was Diplo, then Borgore and Waka, and now trap trio Keys N Krates have recently gone under fan question fire with Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything.” The online q&a sesh, where artists take the usual interviewing process into their own hands and have fans communicate their questions directly through the power of internet and media, had the KnK crew (also known as Adam Tune, David Matisse and Flowinsky) take to the laptop to chat with fans on set production, music influences and pretty much anything the websphere had to offer. Here are some of the choice responses dished out by the fellas:

We don’t think of artists as trap artists. But we like Flosstradamus and TNGHT.

we are working on something right now with our homie Grandtheft

We started as a live band 5 or 6 years ago doing this hip hop sampled thing, and it kinda grew from there. We were producing at the time and started to produce together, so I guess over time we have developed our way of doing things and figured out each others strengths and how to work together.. We also do yoga on thursdays and friday mornings together and that usually brings the whole picture together. Everything is true but the last part.

“Keys” means keyboards and Krates means record crates. Jr flo and Matisse originally thought of the name while forming the band and we went through a billion different ideas before we settled on that one.

Low end is a bitch.. We try and make our tracks so they are playable on small systems and big systems, so sometimes 808 saturation is needed to hear them on small speakers.. It’s kinda a funny thing and drove us nuts forever.

we all have exactly the same sized dicks

We don’t really believe in back-ups. We kind of believe that whatever happens should happen and leave it to the hard drive gods.

Thanks for the suggestions, we aren’t being dicks, it’s just we’ve had to hear the same thing over and over and it’s salt in the wound. Lets just eat pizza

Gin.. Sure.. Who doesnt like drinking something that makes you strip down, and run around like an idiot and puke and don’t remember anything the next day drink. We prefer Vodka.

We have a killer agent and horse shoes permanently stuck in our asses.

I would love to work on a track with Rick Ross, I think that would be pretty amazing, as far as producers, Just Blaze would be up there on the list.

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