Troy Carter Isn’t Losing Sleep Over Being Fired By Lady Gaga


You may not be immediately familiar with Troy Carter, but he’s definitely a name you should commit to memory. For seven years, Carter managed the industry behemoth that is Lady Gaga, helping catapult her to unthinkable levels of stardom. Then in November, she fired him. But according to an article in Fast Company, the power player is just rolling with the punches and getting ready to level up.

Here’s an excerpt from the story:

…As Gaga rose to fame, Carter methodically prepared to live without her. He doesn’t put it that way; he speaks of diversification, of curiosity, of building a stronger business. But that’s what it is. He’s an investor in more than 50 startups, from Uber to Dropbox, and has elevated himself to a fixture in the tech scene, now one of the best human bridges between the complicated frenemies of Hollywood and Silicon Valley. He’s ­acquired heady titles like Aspen Institute Henry Crown Fellow and UN Foundation Global Entrepreneurs Council member. He earned a reputation as a branding genius for his work with Gaga, but like any megasuccessful ­manager, he was bolstered by her once-in-a-lifetime talent. Now that he isn’t known as Gaga’s manager, he’s ready to be known for something else–but right now that “something else” is a patchwork of things, each promising in its own right, but not yet a revival.

We’re excited to see where he elevates from here. Read all about his master plan here.

Photo Credit: Getty Images