Tyra Banks Confirms ‘Life-Size’ Sequel


Life-Size movie sequel

It may not have been a blockbuster hit, but who could forget the Disney greatness that was Life-Size? Starring Tyra Banks and an adorable Lindsay Lohan, the cult classic followed a little girl (Lohan) who turns her doll, Eve (Banks), into a human while trying to bring her deceased mother back to life.

Tyra, already in her prime as a supermodel, was the quintessential Eve with her perfect looks and artificial (and hilarious) one-liners. And who could forget the signature theme song, “Be A Star” (press play below for a reminder)?

Yesterday, the America’s Next Top Model creator confirmed some very surprising news: there’s a sequel in the works!:

Tyra Banks confirms 'Life-Size' sequel

Banks tells Digital Spy that the story will be “very different” from the 2000 film and won’t be released until 2014 or 2015.

“I can’t [tell you anything] unfortunately,” she said. “I’m under contract with Disney and I can’t talk about it at all, except that it’s coming. But it will be very different, very different. Very modern – a modern take.”

Vixens: are you ready to see Tyra back on the silver screen?

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed