The Ultimate Eminem And D12 Playlist


Who can forget Eminem’s crazy crew, D12? Earlier today, rumors surfaced that the dysfunctional band would be reuniting for a new album and VIBE is hype! We put together a playlist of some of the dirty dozen’s best records for your enjoyment. Check it out below!

The band’s second single, “Purple Pills” was a trippy, drug-infused track filled with lyrics about “uppers” and “downers.”

“My Band” is possibly the catchiest song the group has released to date.

D12’s contribution to the 8 Mile sound track, “Rap Game” featured G-Unit’s own, 50 cent.

D12 and Eminem manage to nab dope guest cameos from Ice T, Fat Joe and Obie Trice in this dope visual for “Fight Music.”

“Girls” is a lethal diss song aimed at Limb Bizkit’s Fred Durst and DJ Lethal.

Eminem put his team on a track off his highest selling album, The Eminem Show. This joint is called “When The Music Stops.”

“Under the Influence” is one of those tracks off the first Marshall Mathers LP that had organizations like GLAAD at Em’s neck.

“Hailey come here baby, bring Daddy his Oscar, we’re going to shove it up Ja Rule’s ass.”

Of course D12 had songs for the ladies. Listen up to “U R the One”

The squad delivers a gritty visual for their 2000 cut, “Shit On You” straight from the mean streets of D-Town.