Vixen Chat: Beyonce’s Dancer Ashley Everett Breaks Down ‘Secretive’ Process Behind Visual Album


VIBE-Vixen-AshleyEverettBeyoncé reconfirmed her baddie status when she dropped her self-titled album on iTunes and it went platinum in less than a week. Leaving us wondering how she was able to go full throttle with video production without anyone accidentally spilling the beans.

We caught up with one of our favorite dancers Ashley Everett to get the insider scoop on how operation “change the music industry” succeeded without a problem. “It was very secretive and of course everybody in the camp we knew that, we just had to keep our word not to share with anyone,” she says.

Ashley has been with Beyoncé for 8 years and her loyalty and admiration for the mega superstar is ever growing. However this project is something special to the red-headed phenom dancer as it’s the first time she would become the subject of Bey’s most touching song and video, “Heaven”. “She wrote the treatment and she chose me to be in it, which is an honor and is so special to say the least,” she says.

With only a month since her history changing power move, we still have beehive fever as we fiddle through her songs and replay her videos (over and over) at our leisure. Ashley dished on how intensive the months leading up to the surprise album were, working on “Heaven”, and having a relationship while traveling the world for almost a year. She also rectifies the biggest misconception people have towards Beyoncé dancers.

All Photo Credits: Gianna Dorsey

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