Vixen Chat: Beyonce’s Dancer Ashley Everett Breaks Down ‘Secretive’ Process Behind Visual Album

Ashley Everett

Did you guys know she was working on an album when you were shooting?

Yeah we did.

How secretive was it?

It was very secretive and it was known in the camp that it was secretive. Every time we would do a video too and there would be extras in it like “Blow” or “XO”, even “Heaven”, they wouldn’t even play the whole song. They’d do an instrumental version or play a different song because they didn’t want random people to record it. They would take our phones so nobody would tweet it or Instagram. It was very secretive and of course everybody in the camp we knew that, we just had to keep our word not to share with anyone.

When it dropped was the reaction exactly how you thought it would be?

It was shocking how fast it sold but it actually wasn’t—people love her. Anything she does, everybody supports and wants to buy and it’s a really big deal with not having any promo, any singles, or anything. That was a huge deal. We didn’t know when the album was coming out so when she dropped the album, we had just finished a show and when we got on our tour bus at midnight we were like ‘what’s going on, what’s happening right now, my Instagram is going crazy, people are blowing my phone up’.

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