Vixen Chat: Beyonce’s Dancer Ashley Everett Breaks Down ‘Secretive’ Process Behind Visual Album



Because you guys were on tour when you were filming how crazy was your schedule?

Oh my gosh, that is a very good question because people just don’t get it. People think we are just chilling and doing shows. Our schedule was insane for months. There was a point where when I was shooting the “Heaven” video with her we were shooting a lot of it in Puerto Rico but we had shows in Venezuela, Columbia, and in Puerto Rico also. We were flying in and out of different cities everyday and days that would be a travel day we would fly right after the show and get up early and shoot all day long, then shoot before a show and fly straight to a show and walk straight on stage. It was nuts, same with a lot of the videos, we were shooting them all on days off. There was a minute when we were shooting “Blow “and we had shows in Mexico but we would fly on days off to Houston and shoot, and then fly back the morning of the show, do the show, and fly back out and shoot in Houston again, it was nuts. It was crazy!

Did you guys ever have complications with travel?

We have been running late before, we had to push the shows back and start late. But luckily it never was too crazy complications like a layover where we had to cancel a show or anything like that. We just had normal complications like being late to flights and traffic holds us up.

How did you stay healthy?

We tried to take vitamins and eat well. Anytime one person gets sick on tour we all will get sick because we are all together all the time. We share a tour bus together; we travel together on the plane. So we all tried to stay really healthy. In catering we have those juicers and I’m not a big juicer when I’m not on tour but on tour since it’s there and available, I try to juice like every day just to be healthy. If I start feeling sick, I OD on Emergen-C and Echinacea.

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