Vixen Chat: Beyonce’s Dancer Ashley Everett Breaks Down ‘Secretive’ Process Behind Visual Album


Ashley Everett

You’re starting back on tour in Europe, when her tour is over what do you expect to do?

Well I really want to explore more into acting now that “Heaven” is out more people are like “Ashley you need to act, you’re really great in that video”. But besides hearing those reviews, I’ve definitely wanted to explore that world anyway. That’s my plan when I have more time off and more time in LA and at home, I want to play around with acting, get an acting agent, take some classes, go on more auditions, and try and go in that world.

You did Hit The Floor, have you been keeping in touch with the producers?

I’m still in touch with them, we still have a good relationship. I would love to do season 2 but it conflicts with the tour and if we could figure out a way for me to come in for one or two episodes that would be ideal. But as of now, I don’t know if that’ll work out.

Do you want to always play the dancer characters?

I would like to have a whole different character eventually but realistically what would help transition me in there is a dancing role. That’s just more realistic because that’s what I’m known for and do as my profession right now. But I really want to do a comedy. I would love to be in a Kevin Hart movie and doing something dumb and funny.

In a year if Beyoncé wanted to go on tour again, could you see yourself doing it again?

I don’t know, it’s so hard to say yes or no. I love working with Beyoncé. She’s like my home team, I’m going on my 8th year with her. She’s like family so it’s always hard to say no to her. I guess it really depends on where I’m at in my career and in my life at the time. I can see her extending tour because she just came out with an album, why would she stop touring?

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