Vixen Chat: Beyonce’s Dancer Ashley Everett Breaks Down ‘Secretive’ Process Behind Visual Album


Ashley Everett

As far as the romance, are you still with your boyfriend?


How’s that going because I know you were M.I.A. working for a good couple of months?

I know for like the whole year I was barely home but we do well with it. It’s not too much of a struggle, it only get’s difficult when we hit a month and a half and haven’t seen each other. But I make sure if I’m really busy, he’ll come out to wherever I am if I can’t come home. Or if I’m coming home and he’s gone somewhere, I make sure I go to wherever he is. We make it work and we talk everyday.

So you just need someone that understands your lifestyle?

Yeah, I just need them to be able to understand and get it. He gets it also because he’s come out on the road with me and seen how crazy it is and all over our schedule is and how it changes at the drop of a dime and we have rehearsals here and there. I’ve been on tour with him too and I see his schedule and life, I get it too.

What’s the biggest misconception do you think people have about Beyoncé’s dancers?

I think people think that a lot of us, or all of us are really snotty and bitches. And we’re not. We’re not even the biggest of girly girls, a lot of us are tomboys and don’t take life to serious, we have fun with everything. People always realize that when they hangout with us, talk with us, or meet us for the first time. We like to do workshops when we’re on tour and every time we do workshops people are always like “you guys are so sweet and so nice!” Maybe it’s because they see us on TV or in videos with a celebrity that they think we’re going to act like the best thing out there or like we’re celebrities. Even Beyoncé doesn’t act like she’s a big celebrity or she’s too good for anyone. I think that also plays a part on keeping us humble because she’s humble. If our boss doesn’t act like that, why the hell would we [laughs].

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