Vixen Chat: Meelah Williams Talks Reality TV, 702, and Her New Years Resolution



Meelah from 702R&B Diva newbie, Meelah Williams, has proven herself in the music industry. Most of us know her as the leading voice of R&B super group 702. A decade later, Meelah is back and ready to pick up where she left off. We chatted with Ms. Meelah about her new reality endeavor and what makes her an R&B Diva. Take a look!

Why reality TV?

Well it’s no secret that the industry has definitely changed from when 702 was on the scene. I just feel like there are limited options these days for artists who have been gone for so long. I mean there is definitely social media and other outlets that we didn’t have like Twitter and Instagram. However it seems like reality TV has become more prevalent and more popular than the actual scripted sitcom culture.

Did you have any reservations before you signed on for R&B Divas?

Oh, absolutely. Reality TV doesn’t have the best rap sheet so I definitely had to consider and reconsider. If I felt that comfortable I would’ve signed on to some show a long time ago. I’ve had other opportunities that have crossed my path, but I finally decided that I’d give it a shot. I do think that it’s free promotion, free marketing, free advertising for your brand.

I’m doing it not just to promote myself and my music but to also I have a four year old son with autism. I want to really be a voice and use this [show] as a platform for children that are suffering developmental delays and really really bring that to the forefront. I think that a lot of parents are dealing with special needs kids and a lot of them are afraid or embarrassed and just need that support.  I’m still learning and still need support from other parents that are going through the same thing.