Vixen Chat: Meelah Williams Talks Reality TV, 702, and Her New Years Resolution


meelah 3

What makes you a R&B diva?

I think just knowing my worth. Knowing that in spite of me being gone for so long, I know that people love 702; people miss my voice. I feel that radio is missing something and I feel that I set the tone for a very distinct sound that became trendy after 702. As an adult, I can look back and not to be cocky, but just really acknowledge that  I really set the tone and I have this sound that I feel like needs to be back on radio. I hear that from the fans all the time and I’m just so grateful that they still are interested after all this time.

What’s the hardest part about filming?

The scheduling is very tedious and just very time consuming. It’s fun but it’s new for me so I’m learning everyday so the hardest part is just kind of adjusting and getting used to the rhythm of the process.

How does your son like the cameras?

He’s oblivious, bless his little heart. He’s good. He’s going to make his debut. He loves singing and dancing and just being in his own little world. He’s a happy boy so I love that. He just loves people and he loves being around people.

Have you gotten closer to anyone while filming? Who’s your BFF while filming?

Right now, LaTavia. We were friends in real life before we started filming so I’m just like super cool with her of course. That’s was my homegirl before the cameras. So far everybody’s been like real cool and I’m really pinching myself. I hope it stays that way ‘cause you know… I love Monifah. Monifah’s got that nurturing thing. Keke does too. Angie, she’s another who has this nurturing spirit about her just anything you need. Syleena is like a big sister too. Everybody’s been real cool. Like I said, I don’t know how long it’s going to last and I hope it’s genuine. 

Photo Credit: Instagram