Vixen Chat: Meelah Williams Talks Reality TV, 702, and Her New Years Resolution


meelah 2

We hear  you did a children’s album! What made you want to do that and how is that different from recording a regular R&B album?

Well, I was actually approached by the producer who Kenard Garrett.  He and his wife were new parents and he knew I was a mommy.  I actually sang a song to him that I wrote to Zac while I was still pregnant and a whole year later it was so random he was like ‘hey remember that song you sang for me that you wrote for your son? ‘That was genius, I love it, let’s do a children’s project together’ and I was just like how brilliant.

The project was different because it came so easy. I was surprised. The songs flowed so easily, and I wrote them all so easily. Within five to ten minutes I just created these melodies and  I even exceeded my own expectations and I have to say I think it’s an exceptionally great body of work.

So looking back from Steelo to now, what was your biggest lesson learned?

I’ve learned that timing is everything and God makes no mistakes—as cliché as that sounds. I’ve learned that it’s not my will, it’s not what I think. When we’re younger we don’t see the bigger picture and I’ve learned that everything that happened from all the way back then to now was definitely met and my purpose has yet to be fulfilled. I’m starting over, I’m starting from scratch and it’s okay. I have a second chance to do this again which people don’t always get, so I’m not afraid of failing or anything.  I’m just really overwhelmed with just gratitude.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

I don’t have one. I noticed that I didn’t stay true to them and so I don’t necessarily make them anymore. My new year’s resolution, if I had to make one, it would just be to become an even better mom. He’s my everything.

Do you have any other future endeavors that you want to take part in?  

I’m using this platform to do ev-er-y-thing. The focus right now is definitely my music. Hopefully I’m going be releasing something once the show premieres. My music is my core front.  I want to release an album, get a record deal and of course yes I would love to do other business ventures. I want to do skin commercials. That’s what I really want to do; create a skincare line and find a cosmetic for like my chocolate complexion.  I’m really interested in doing that. I just want to invest, invest, invest, invest. I want venture after venture after venture.