Vixen Chat: Robinne Lee Talks ‘Being Mary Jane’


Robinne Lee 2013 365 Black Awards

Unlike everything else on TV, Being Mary Jane is already proving to be a much needed breath of fresh air for the black community. This show touches on issues that affect many but rarely have light shed on them. Robinne Lee agreed very much with the purpose and message of the show, which is why she was so eager to audition for a part in this series. Lee stars as Avery Daniels an overachiever trophy wife who’s perfect marriage gets flipped once new enemy, Gabrielle Union informs her of the affair she’s having with her husband. While she’s polar opposites of her character, “she’s much more tolerate of her husbands infidelities than I’ll ever be and she’s much more harder to read,” she identifies with the issue raised within her character and the entire storyline: “BMJ is pretty much how we are now. It’s not a fantasy, it’s a woman’s life, it’s real and it’s relatable.”

We got chance to chat with the wife and mother of two about her original career path, “I knew I always wanted to pursue a career in the arts–but my parents were immigrants from Jamaica and were very vocal about me not pursing acting professionally until I was done getting my degrees”, the actress told us of her educational path through Yale and then Law School first. And she also dished on working opposite her longtime friend Gabrielle Union again, “she’s like a sister to me and when you get to work on great material plus with someone you know and love, it’s a better set up and such an incredible experience.”

The show aires Tuesdays on BET at 10p/9c. While you wait for next week’s show, flip the page to get familiar with Robinne.

Photo Credit: Film Magic via Getty