Vixen Chat: The Daughters of Bravo’s ‘Thicker Than Water’ Talk the Good, Bad and Ugly of Reality TV


Bravo TV's 'Thicker Than Water'

Weeks ago, we introduced you to the stars of Thicker Than Water, otherwise known as Bravo TV’s “black Brady Bunch.” Before a new episode airs tomorrow after Real Housewives of Atlanta, we have an exclusive with Ben and Jewel’s three daughters: Brooklyn, Britney and Cyrene. As part of the larger than life clan, these three Vixens not only must learn to live under their parent’s roof, but carve out their own individual identities.

Flip the page to learn more about Brooklyn, the single mother and beauty entrepeneur, Britney, the family jokester and Cyrene, otherwise known as “daddy’s little girl.”

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