Vixen Chat: The Daughters of Bravo’s ‘Thicker Than Water’ Talk the Good, Bad and Ugly of Reality TV


 Cyrene Tankard

Cyrene Tankard

What is the best and worst thing about being part of a blended family?

The best thing about being in a blended family is that it definitely stretches you and forces you to grow as a person. I had to learn how to share and get along with so many different personalities. I think it made me a wiser and more versatile kid. The worst thing? Well naturally, any child wishes her biological parents could work it out to see what it would have been like.  At this point, I wouldn’t trade my Tankards for anything in the world.

You come from a career oriented family. What are your personal goals?

Good Lord, where to begin? I plan on going into acting, singing, modeling, business, production, and possibly even law; I wanna tackle it all!


Do you enjoy being the youngest girl in the family?

Eh, it has its perks and its downfalls. There are times when I don’t feel like I’m being taken seriously, but there are also a great deal of times when I feel like my wise words are appreciated.


How have your friends reacted to the show?

(Laughs) A lot of them are still in shock and unbelief, but the others think it’s the coolest thing that I’m on TV. But to be honest, it hasn’t really hit me that hard yet…sometimes I forget. Then, of course, you’ve got your haters, but I don’t really pay them too much mind; poor things.


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