Vixen Vanity: Po Johnson Talks TV, Plastic Surgery, and Turning Over A New Leaf With Eye For Design Hair



Since the first season of Vh1?s Lala’s Full Court Life, Po Johnson has proven to be far more than just another reality star. When it comes to boundaries, she has none. Broadcasting her personal struggles with her father to undergoing plastic surgery, Po shares with Vixen that it’s important for her to inspire other women. “I publicize it all, because I know there is someone out there going through what I’m going through. I hope to inspire that person and have them face whatever is going on.” Sassy, sexy and every girls favorite wing (wo)man, it’s easy to follow the eccentric star on her journey to the top. As she preps for the new season of LaLa, and a new year ahead, Po Jo is taking everything to the next level. In a nestled midtown salon in NYC along with Po’s glam squad, celebrity stylist Troy Styles and makeup artist Shenelle Mays, we caught up with the reality star and the Eye For Design team, to discuss her brand new look, the decision to go under the knife, and she even spills the beans on her budding career and fresh love interest. I’m excited to watch this new look you’re going for! What’s going to change? I always have this platinum blonde hair because I just love blonde. But this color is softer and much more toned down. I’m used to not [like] being warm, because I’m very hard and aggressive, so this is exciting because it’s just so calm.

Photos by: Nichloas A. Nichols