Vixen Vanity: Po Johnson Talks TV, Plastic Surgery, and Turning Over A New Leaf With Eye For Design Hair


IMG_9001 That’s right, because when you first came on the scene you were really hard core and had this punk rock edge—but now you’re style has matured a lot. This has all been a really big learning process, but it’s also really cool because everybody gets to see me grow into whatever it is that I’m going to grow into; I get to watch it too. It’s a natural progression and it’s nothing forced about whatever it is that I’m turning into. I’m a crazy person, however there is a difference when there is an audience watching. And sometimes I have to learn that what I think is super cool and right just ain’t the best look. So when there’s a team involved you start to reevaluate things. So you’ve teamed up with Eye For Design Hair—are you prepping this look for the New Year and this season of LaLa Full Court? This look is because everything is about to go to the next level in regards to my career. There’s this season 4 of Lala that we’re about to start shooting, I got a new deal on the table that I do believe I’m going to sign and I have this huge deal with this DJ, that I can’t talk about yet. So I think each season from the Wedding special to the one we’re about to film now, each one of us, myself, Lala and Po, we’ve grown in front of you; career-wise, style-wise, and personality. I’ve went from having a blonde shag to getting a long blonde weave to getting a nose job. I don’t want to stay the same and keep showing people the same things. If anything I think it’s important that I share growth.