Vixen Vanity: Po Johnson Talks TV, Plastic Surgery, and Turning Over A New Leaf With Eye For Design Hair


IMG_9122 What were some of your insecurities you battled with? One of my biggest insecurities growing up was my crooked teeth, which I got braces for, and my nose. I’ve always wanted to get my nose fixed, so when I had to the opportunity to do it, I wasn’t going to let anybody tell me otherwise. Not even my mother. She was one of the main advocates of saying, “you don’t need that, you’re beautiful.”  I was like mom, come on. How do you feel about young girls getting butt implants and that type of surgery? I think that if it’s a decision that’s going to help you feel better about yourself moving forward, I think that you should do it—as long as you’re safe. There are a lot of procedures that women are getting that may not be the safest. And I would just hope and advocate for every woman to be smart doing so. I do believe that it can get a bit obnoxious, but do what works for you.