Vixen Vanity: Po Johnson Talks TV, Plastic Surgery, and Turning Over A New Leaf With Eye For Design Hair


IMG_9139 On a lighter note! You hashtag #Po Jo Loves You a lot in your tweets. Is this a new brand that you’re building? I started saying that because everyone I work with musically, and this producer specifically, calls me Po Jo. The whole idea behind it for me is just that I love to love. There are very few times where I feel ill-will towards anyone, and I think love, this is going to sound very cliche, overcomes all. Po Jo Loves You is just something I say to people that has turned into a brand. There are a couple of fashion things I have going on. I’m going to release my Po Jo loves you sweaters in a couple of months. And it’s just my gift to everyone from me saying, “I love you.”