Vixen Vanity: Po Johnson Talks TV, Plastic Surgery, and Turning Over A New Leaf With Eye For Design Hair


IMG_9040 You gotta watch for that new nose through girl! I know! That’s the problem, I don’t want to get punched in the nose. It’s absolutely not allowed right now. What products do you use to keep your hair and skin healthy looking? I do keep coconut oil in my hair. With blonde, you have to keep it moisturized and add some type of sheen to it. I work out a lot so I’ll wear a silk bandana unless I’m getting laid. I’m not the girl who has sex with a bandana on; I gotta give you a whole moment. And I live by Kiehls for my face, their midnight oil. I use Olay in the morning and scrub my whole body in Apricot scrub. This is going to sound extremely ghetto, but I put baby oil gel on my legs and then put tights on at night to keep my legs smooth. #WCW is popular. Who’s a girl crush of yours? You know what? It used to be Rihanna every single Wednesday, but it’s truly my girlfriend. I gotta be honest, I’m super obsessed with that girl. She’s super hot and she’s very intriguing and I’m always learning something new. You guys will see who she is this season.