Vixen Exclusive: ‘Single Ladies’ Star Cassandra Freeman Talks Single Girl Advantages, TV Sitcoms and Her Relationship With Chris Rock!


Cassandra Freeman has been a familiar face onscreen as she’s landed roles alongside Hollywood’s most notorious actors for the past 8 years. Guest starring on last season’s Single Ladies,  the actress is rejoining the delicious cast for the reprisal of her role as Morgan Hayes. Vixen sat down with the beautiful, comedic and vivacious star to get the scoop on life on set, the advantages to being single (in real life) and working alongside Denzel Washington and Chris Rock.

This season you’ve reprised your role as Morgan. What’s the set like with the other girls?
Well, we all had the experience last year on set together and it always feels like coming home to family. We’re all huggers and kissers. Lisa Ray is awesome, I always feel like she’s great at bringing stability. She’s like my guru, and makes me check myself.

Is there a real chemistry between you guys on set?
Yeah, for sure. We are there for hours on end so thank God its good chemistry—otherwise it’d be impossible to do a show like that.

And the cast wardrobes are amazing! That has to be the biggest perk to this entire project?
For sure! Now we have a new wardrobe stylist on the show, Anthony, he’s from Project Runway. He’s amazing, and if you see our wardrobes, it will take hours to go through everything. I always feel like I’m princess Barbie or something. It’s very much like Sex and the City on set.

How did you break into acting and getting the role in Single Ladies?
I’ve been acting since I was 15. I went to a great arts high school in Jacksonville, Florida. I auditioned there to be in the band, and I begged my dad to let me do acting for a year. And of course it turned into something I wanted to do after aciting in plays like For Colored Girls. I was like “oh my god, I should be doing this.” When I went to Florida State I never really got casted. I was like the maid in the Shakespeare play. And then I went off to NYU and got my masters in acting. I landed a spot in the film, Inside Man and things started taking off. As for Single Ladies—ultimately I’ve been auditioning since it started. I loved the script and to read it is amazing. Finally this role came up, and I didn’t even go in for it. I didn’t even get called in for it. Then out of the blue, my people are like “you have to go in tomorrow.” The producers specifically asked for me.