Vixen Exclusive: ‘Single Ladies’ Star Cassandra Freeman Talks Single Girl Advantages, TV Sitcoms and Her Relationship With Chris Rock!


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With the influx of reality shows now, is it important to keep sitcoms like Single Ladies afloat?
Here’s the thing, we’re in the renaissance of great TV. I don’t think it’s a problem. Right now we have every network starting to promote scripted shows like Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, everything is doing scripted series. I think networks are starting to see that it’s a great tool to push people and it’s great for propaganda and pushing your brand. For VH1, to do a show like Single Ladies is brilliant because we do have a lot of entertainers, and people that are current so it’s a good thing. I teach at Fordham, and I tell my students that whatever you value, is the content that you come out with. If you don’t like what you’re watching, turn the channel to another network. There’s something for everyone.

I’ve noticed that the ladies on the show make single life look fabulous, but in reality it isn’t all of the time. What do you think are advantages to being on your own?
Look.. I just got a new bed, and it is SO nice to sleep in the middle of my bed. There are a lot of great things, like I’m a person with a lot of energy, so it’s really fun for me to even go to parties by myself because I love the idea of meeting new people. I love meeting new men and women. You know with relationships, sometimes you have to check in, really take care of them. It’s so nice not having a parent! I’m currently single so I’m enjoying every bit of it!

What was your worst dating experience?
Okay so this was many years ago. But I went on a date, and I remember the guy asked me ahead of time and wanted to pick me up. It’s one of my rules and a really big deal for a guy to know where I live, so that usually doesn’t happen and I prefer to meet them. So I told him I will drive over to him, and then we get to his car and go out to eat and then we were supposed to head to the movies. But instead we went to Blockbusters (that lets you know how long ago that was) and I was flipping out. Like what? We’re going to watch movies in his house? I went along with it. So we get to his house and we watch the movie. I went to the bathroom and when I come out of the bathroom, I kid you not, he was BUTT NAKED—in a tiger G-string! I’m shocked and had to tell him he was really confused about what tonight was going to be about. He had an amazing body but that freaked me out. I ran out and never called him again.

That’s horrifying! Sorry that happened to you. When it comes to dating, is it okay for the woman to be the aggressor/initiator or more submissive?
I’ve been engaged many times, and women always ask me how did I get the ring. I’m the girl who gets proposed to, or the men are asking me on dates. And I think the reason is because I’m not necessarily out looking for a boyfriend. But even when the guy approaches me, it takes a lot. I think dudes approach girls more if they seem really uninterested.