Vixen Exclusive: ‘Single Ladies’ Star Cassandra Freeman Talks Single Girl Advantages, TV Sitcoms and Her Relationship With Chris Rock!


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It’s always the women who aren’t putting themselves too much out there or not hard core hunting that land great relationships
Absolutely. And even if you’re going on dates with people, it’s not asking “when are we going out again?” Men are like lions, they want to go out and hunt. So if they see the thing they’re hunting for laying out on the ground, they are going to think something’s wrong.

You’ve worked with a lot of big names already—like Denzel Washington, Isaiah Washington and Chris Rock—who’s one male actor that you’d love to work with, particularly as a love interest?
Oh my goodness, that’s such a dangerous question! There’s so many people. I always feel bad saying it because I know certain people are married, but who wouldn’t love Blair Underwood, or Michael Ealy. Yumm!

And I read somewhere that Chris Rock actually encouraged you into doing standup comedy?
Yea for sure. After the I think I love my Wife movie, he was such an encourager and was like, “ Oh, you’re funny.” And I’m like brushing it off, then he goes, “ no you’re like really funny.” So I said “Really?” and it took me a minute to process that Chris Rock, one of the biggest comedic figures of our time, told me I’m funny. I should do something with it. So I went and did it, and it was great. I just couldn’t keep up doing standup because I didn’t understand the lifestyle of it. Like if I’m supposed to keep doing the same jokes. I didn’t get it.

What are some other projects we can catch you involved with?
I’m actually working on my own web series. I need a place to release all of my Lucille Ball-ness. It’s called “12 Months of June.” It’s about a girl, she’s a lawyer, an intern, but really she’s having a midlife crisis and realizes that maybe she’d be happier if she was a life coach. She thinks she’s Tony Robins or Oprah, but she’s really bad at it. And all the people that she gives life coaching too don’t really need it. So it’s following her on her journey of figuring it out. Really funny.