Vixen of the Day: Octavia White


VIBE-Vixen-Octavai WhiteName: Octavia White
Age: 25
Location: Atlanta, GA
Occupation: Freelance Wardrobe Stylist
Style: Mix & Match
Inspired By: June Ambrose is such an inspiration to me. The fact that she started from ground up is dope! She is one of the flyest celebrity wardrobe stylists that exists. She motivates me to keep building my brand as a wardrobe stylist. She is a trendsetter, & I love her bubbly personality.
Rihanna is also an inspiration when it comes to her fearless style. She one individual that continues to embrace her free spirited attitude. I admire her ability to shine through life’s adversities, her story  gives women the drive to keep pushing forth no matter what.
A Vixen is…
A vixen is a queen! The way that she carries herself on a daily basis, her confidence, her ability to remain humble while doing great things are characteristics of what a vixen should be. Vixens are women that know their worth & won’t settle for less. Vixens are sure to uplift others by encouraging those around them.  Vixens come in several shades, sizes, & appreciate all things FABULOUS!