Vixen Survival Guide: NFL Playoffs


Divisional Playoffs - San Diego Chargers v Denver Broncos




Most Important Players

Peyton Manning

Team: The Broncos
Jersey No.: 18
What Position He Is: Quarterback
What That Means: Like Brady, Manning controls the offense and is the the one that throws the ball down the field for Denver. What makes him so special is that he calls audibles. This basically means he’s changing the original play at the last minute because he sees a different way to beat the defense. You’ll notice this because he steps away from his teammates a lot and yells out commands before they give him the ball.

Standout Stat: Manning holds almost every record you can as a quarterback, but as good as he is, has only won one Super Bowl. You should know that because the commentators on TV, and most likely a few of your boyfriends buddies, will mention that while he’s playing because they just want to point out his one shortcoming.

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