Vixen Vent: Is the ‘Best Butt on Instagram’ Inspiring?


I’ve vented about the potential toll social media can have on relationships and pre-teens, but perhaps its most vulnerable victim is the twenty-something female. Despite growing up in an era devoid of social media networks, a large majority of us find validation in the number of likes or retweets we can accumulate. We live an online existence that’s only as good as our last backside selfie. In short, quantity is quality. Even I’ve fallen victim to deleting a photo from my timeline if no one’s liked it (don’t judge me).

The only thing more frightening than this millenial mindset, is seeing it in action. Jen Selter, once a relative unknown, now makes a career out of her online identity. Labeled the woman with “the best butt on Instagram,” Jen saunters around each day in yoga pants, posting what she thinks are relatively tame shots of her bodacious bod.

“I’ll never post a raunchy pic. There’s a difference between a porn-site picture and gym wear or bikini wear. Everything’s usually yoga pants,” she recently told The New York Post. “Yes, it can be showy, but I’ve seen a lot worse. And if it motivates people to get their butts up and go to the gym, why not?”

Naturally, the first thing I did after reading up on Selter was visit her Instagram page, followed by over 1.2 million people, including celebrities like Rihanna. One cannot deny that her body is incredible; a prototype for what most women want: washboard abs, perky breasts and round derriere. In addition to photos of her body are snapshots of the 20-year old Long Island-native mid-workout or in a pose that shows off her ASSets. No wonder she’s an Internet sensation.


Photo Credit: Instagram/Jen Selter