Vixen Vent: Is the ‘Best Butt on Instagram’ Inspiring?


Jen Selter Instagram

Prior to building her online rep, Selter was pursuing a career in cosmetology and working at a gym, both of which she’s ceased doing since achieving such notoriety. Today, she hopes to launch a workout clothing line in addition to the numerous spokeswomen gigs she’s secured. Sounds like an expected plan for someone looking to turn their 15 minutes into an hour, but is it inspiring?

I’m a relatively healthy woman, working out several days a week and eating a pescatarian diet for 6 years this month. When I think about what influenced my decision to ditch the meat and hop on a treadmill, it hardly includes looking obsessively at someone’s ‘perfect’ body, especially celebrities who spend copious amounts of money on fitness training. It’s their job to look good; not mine.

There’s a thin line between inspiration, jealousy and admiration; often blurred on social media networks when we can’t tell what the postee’s intention is. Does Jen really want to motivate young women or is she simply showing off her goods? While I do think seeing another woman’s fit body can be that extra push you need to get in shape, it is also unhealthy to see girls like Selter’s on our Twitter feed everyday and think this is what we should aspire to look like, no matter the cost. I also hate to think what she will do once we’re onto the next Instagram model with an even bigger following.

We can’t blame social media for all it does to those younger than us, but as the people who fuel it with our actions, I find it necessary to say that inspiration is more than skin deep. It means looking past the facade, event or picture and discovering the motivation behind it. If it’s not there, it’s not worth your time.

Vixens: do you find those who post their fit bodies online both influential and inspirational?

Photo Credit: Instagram/Jen Selter