Vixen Vent: Yes I Rock Perms and Believe In “Bad” Hair



I attended my last natural hair convention—you know the scene: “natural power” hair talk about loving the “real” you and learning to embrace our un-manicured tresses. Naturalists from around the city slotted time towards boasting about their great life with their even greater curls.

And I’m pretty sure life is pretty great for them, as they continue to lead me and every transitioning girl to believe. Most of them are entrepreneurs, employed behind a laptop, or simply in revolt against anything corporate or orthodox.

Up until a few months ago, I would have been raising my “fake” power fist right along with them, digressing the fact that I was suffering throughout the entire transitioning period.  I uncomfortably sacrificed my addiction to creme of nature boxes, to replace it with a bunch of “jane carter solutions,” and “mixie chicks.” All of my girlfriends had divorced their weekly doobies, and pre-warned me that the transitioning phase is and would forever be a bitch. That it’s the distressing period to learn your hair, play with products and figure out what works best for your texture.

My mother pledged her natural vows a long time ago and I adored how easy it looked living a lifestyle that seemingly appeared carefree and less maintenance. Who wouldn’t envy a woman who could jump in the shower, throw on some leave in condition, and have her curls automatically take form—effortlessly.

Well, damn my father and his entire thick headed side of the family, because I just wasn’t blessed with the same easy breezy curls. In natural hair lingo, I just needed to find the “right” products to train my hair (which I always thought was a sly way of addressing my nappy roots). Luckily, watching re-runs of Girlfriends and gawking over Tracee Ellis Ross’s luxurious curls, I regained the strength (and delusion) to press on and hopefully achieve similar results. I just needed the good products, right?