Vixen Vent: Yes I Rock Perms and Believe In “Bad” Hair


Nicole breeden Nicole-breeden-2

Here’s the thing: 2 years later, my hair never bounced like Joans. I didn’t come to love what was growing out of my hair, and not one product for my 4b naps was giving me an inkling of hope. Hello, my name is Nicole and I believe in “BAD” hair. And furthermore, I’m almost certain I have it.

Why do we get in so much trouble for establishing our own definition of what makes for good or bad hair? Fact is, I don’t believe everyone looks great stripped and natural. Some hair is a bit too brittle, or stiff, or doesn’t take the right form for our faces. Some may experience more difficulty adjusting to the environment of corporate, and some would just look better straightened. Similar to how some women look better with longer hair, the natural hair world shouldn’t feel as if they are above the politics and critics.

To the natural hair girls: I’ve been you, so my decision isn’t based on ignorance or lack of patience or results. I fully converted, and hated it. I sacrificed and committed to the YouTube searching/product junkie lifestyle. I’ve had encounters with people that questioned my hair just as much as I did. I felt uncomfortable, and unattractive. I didn’t approve of my lack of styling options or your “no heat” methods. I felt sentenced, just so I could embrace this “real” me that I’ve been neglecting. Or perhaps the black fad was just too infectious to resist.

I know there is good hair because I’ve seen it. My friend Bianca, has great natural hair. Tia and Tamera, awesome curls; Andrea Lewis—greatness! Even natural hair pioneers like Taren Guy and Miss Jessie founders can’t relate to my struggle. Although I appreciate the dedication of tutorials and product recommendations that have no relevance to my nappy hair world.

Question: Am I really wrong for rocking perms and believing in bad hair? I just want to enjoy my life of being the cream of nature, weave wearing, loving the “fake” me type of chick without feeling bad about it.

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