Watch: Dubai Breaks Guinness Record On New Year’s Eve For Largest Fireworks Display


It took ten months of planning, 200 technicians, 100 computers and some 500,000 fireworks for Dubai to pull of the largest fireworks display on Earth, ever.

The pyrotechnics lasted some six minutes right before the 2014 countdown and spanned across 60 miles of Dubai’s coastline. They burst up and down the sides of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower, and Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah, one of three man-made palm-shaped islands, and the adjacent man-made islands of The World. To say the least, it was amazing and Guinness World Records adjudicators were on hand to confirm that the record for the largest fireworks display had been set. Guinness confirmed the news on their website on Wednesday.

The show was designed by the US-based Fireworks by Grucci and some 1.7 million people came out to watch the show. In the lead up to the New Year’s Eve explosions police and security teams guarded the large stashes of fireworks loaded side by side on trailer beds.

Prior to the successful show in Dubai on New Year’s Eve, Kuwait held the world record for the largest firework display with 77,282 fireworks. Watch the mind-blowing show from two different angles below. Happy New Year!