Watch: J. Cole Makes Nas Proud Again With VIBE Impact Awards Speech


J. Cole made Nas proud again at the 2nd Annual VIBE Impact Awards. The North Carolina rapper’s admiration for Nas took center stage in 2013, after his Born Sinner shout out to the Queensbridge rapper born the offspring remix “Made Nas Proud” featuring the man himself. A VIBE cover with his idol soon followed.

Cole put on a suit and took to the podium at VIBE’s Impact Awards to roast his favorite rapper in one of the best speeches of the night. Cole reminisced about the first time he heard Mr. Jones’ It Was Written and converted from a diehard Tupac fan to a Nas stan.

“…Once I fell in love with the art form of rhyming it was clear to see what I was drawn to, and it was a few things. It was introspection, storytelling, emotion and lyricism,” said Cole. “Those were the things that I could see that I was clearly falling in love with, just as a fan of somebody, that wanted to do this. And, during my early romance with hip-hop, there was one rapper who was and still is the poster child for all of those qualities that I just named and that’s Nasir Jones, obviously. ”

Well said, Jermaine. Watch J. Cole’s explain how he thinks Nas wrote the hip-hop bible in his full VIBE Impact Awards speech below.