Watch: Leonardo DiCaprio Makes Jonah Hill ‘Feel Safe’ On SNL

Jonah Hill – Monologue (Leonardo DiCaprio) SNL… An Oscar nomination may have gotten to Jonah Hill’s head a bit during his Saturday Night Live monologue last night. In an attempt to steal the spotlight from his rather famous Wolf of Wall Street co-star Leonardo DiCaprio, Hill made a few less-than-modest remarks: “Leo, which is short for Leonardo, is a terrific guy. He’s still learning, but he’s obviously a huge star.” Luckily, DiCaprio was there to give Hill a lesson in humility. Joining the “Best Supporting Actor” nominee onstage as he hosted the show for the third time, Leo catches Hill in mid-brag and talks him back down to Earth. More hilarious, however, is what the two do to make Hill feel “less nervous” and “safe” as he prepares for the rest of the night. Check out what happens in the video above.