Watch: OmniCorp Debut ‘RoboCop’ At The Consumer Electronics Show 2027

Have your Michael Bay jokes at the ready, as OmniCorp delivers a new piece of viral marketing for the upcoming RoboCop reboot.

The company behind building all these technodrones and service machines that protect the globe from arm find themselves debuting the next line of law enforcement at CES, 13 years in the future.

Selling the audience not on curved UHD televisions, but on the concept of merging man with machine.

Watch for yourself below:

While it would have been better to get Michael Keaton to perform this clip in character as OmniCorp figurehead Raymond Sellars, this video definitely strives to be in the vein of Apple and Samsung with its big pomp and flourished revealed.

Director Jose Padilha’s reboot will serve as a different mark on the sci-fi classic, with Joel Kinnaman’s tragic cop turned robotic enforcer given a little more time to emote.

RoboCop will swerve into theaters on February 14, 2014.

Props: Empire Online