Watch: Pepsi Teases NFL Legends In New Super Bowl Clip


With the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks ready to get it on, Pepsi is gearing up to tell us all about the special Halftime Show that’s happening on exclusively at the Grammys.

Millions of sports fans and Twitizens will be watching who takes home a golden phonograph this Sunday, as Pepsi aims to answer the question, “What if the Grammys had a halftime show like the Super Bowl?”

Featuring legends such as Deion Sanders, Terry Bradshaw, Shannon Sharpe and Mike Ditka in the primetime slot, this clip doesn’t offer much in terms of finality, but it looks like it’ll be a doozy.

Make sure to tune in to the 56th Grammys on January 26, 2014 to find out how the show plays out!