‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Breaks Record With Most F-Bombs In A Non-Documentary Film

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The Wolf of Wall Street may have folks howling over a new record. The Oscar-nominated movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill uses the word “fuck” about 2.81 times a minute, breaking the record for the number of F-bombs in a non-documentary movie, according to Variety.

Rolling Stone reports that the three-hour long blockbuster used the swear word 506 times. Movies that previously held the title included Spike Lee’s 1999 Summer of Sam, which had 435 repeat offenses, and Martin Scorsese’s (Wolf’s director) Casino and GoodFellas with 422 and 300 “fucks” each.

The Wolf of Wall Street was based on the book by Jordan Belfort, who clearly also had a penchant for expletives and reportedly wrote the word “fuck” 737 times in his memoir account.

Guardian reports that the documentary film with the number one spot for most “fucks” given is the 2005 documentary Fuck, which dropped the curse word 857 times.

Photo Credit: Getty