‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ Sets Record For F-Word Usage

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Just how many f–ks does it take to make you stop in amazement?

Martin Scorsese’s deliciously debauchery-filled The Wolf of Wall Street managed to outshine Spike Lee’s 1999 drama in the F-U department.

The Leonardo DiCaprio / Jonah Hill-starring picture used the obscene word 506 times over the film’s 180-minute running time, according to Wikipedia. While there are a host of other offensive scenes in the picture, for humanity’s sake, neither film actually hold the world record for breaking the ‘f–k’ meter, which belongs to F–k (857), a documentary about the usage of the word.

If you plan on counting out how many f–ks were given by Scorsese over the course of his movie career, be sure to watch classics such as Goodfellas and Casino. Both are similar entries for the “not-giving-two-effs-meter,” and are enjoyable pieces of cinema.

The Wolf of Wall Street also stars Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey, Margot Robbie, and Rob Reiner. The film is in theaters now.

Props: SlashFilm