Women Nearly Kill a Man Over Jay Z Concert Tickets


Danitra Green Jay Tickets

Two Houston women are facing charges after running a man over with their car. 20-year-olds Denitra Green and Cessica Darden allegedly robbed and ran over a 26-year-old man and left him possibly permanently disabled and hospitalized.

The incident occurred on December 15, 2013 when the victim, who was selling 8 tickets via Craigslist to the Jay Z concert, agreed to meet the two girls inside Starbucks to make the exchange for the night’s show. According to the criminal complaint against Green, she insisted the three meet at her car because there was a baby with them they couldn’t leave alone. Agreeing, the victim met them at their car  in which Darden and her accomplice,  sped off, taking the man with them. The court documents stated that the man begged for Green to stop so he could be released from the car but instead Darden repeatedly kicked his arm until he fell. Once he fell, he was then ran over by their car.

Still attending the concert after their horrific afternoon, the girls were found sitting with 6 friends in the stolen seats before cops pulled the duo in for questioning. Green claimed she didn’t know why the man was holding on to her car while she sped off and her friend told police she was unsure as to why the driver sped off but she climbed in the backseat out of fear.

Documents filed by police claimed the duo didn’t “showed any real remorse or emotion when your affiant presented them with a picture of the complainant in the hospital emergency room.”  Thankfully a witness performed CPR while another jotted down the license plate of the car that left the man for dead. He has a broken left arm, right leg, and right hand, his fingers on his right hand were severely crushed, and he will require surgery for his torn right knee. He has to undergo plastic surgery that may leave him looking different after the incident. His fingers are permanently deformed without full use and there’s a chance he may never walk again.

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All Photo Credit: Houston Police Department