10 EDM Reunions We Want To See


We were more than psyched to find that former Grammy-winning dance duo Deep Dish (aka Dubfire and Sharam) had reunited once again to not only bust out a brand new single (“Quincy”), but a special Miami performance as well. Apparently 2014 is the year for such powerful music reunions (we’re stoked for Outkast this summer as well), so here are a few other dance music collaborations put together by Beatport that we hope will reunite by the end of this year:

In an almost identical tale to Aeroplane, wobbly “blog-house” kings Crookers went from being a duo of Phara and Bot to becoming a solo project of the former in 2012. The first one-man track, “Ghetto Guetta,” dropped in 2013, mixed their scuzzy synths with a tongue-in-cheek big-room build, but it remains to be seen if either solo artist can match the success they had remixing Kid Cudi back in 2008.

Though previously secure in their solo outfits before beginning a collaboration, Glaswegian Hudson Mohawke and Montrealer Lunice hit on something extra-hot with their pairing as TNGHT in 2012. A few live dates and an EP for Warp Records and Luckyme shouldn’t have left too much of an impression, but their turbocharged crunk sound demands more releases, which will hopefully come sooner than later.

Sasha & Digweed
As the first superstar DJ duo, it’s astonishing that Sasha & Digweed only have two remix credits to their combined name. Still, they managed to introduce America to the age of the superstar jock, with their legendary residency at Twilo in New York, and era-defining Northern Exposure mix CDs, which made progressive house a powerhouse genre in the late ’90s. As a team, the two have been mostly inactive since a reunion tour in 2009, but listening to the soft-yet-epic sound of current faves like Dixon, it’s hard not to see the continuation of the thread they first spun.

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