10 Prince Songs That Should Have Been Released As Singles


When you are a Prince fan you have to accept the quizzical. After all, we are talking about a prolific yet brazenly unpredictable music giant who has made it his business to confound followers and critics for over 30 years. So when Prince unveiled a new song titled “Don’t U Wanna Fall In Love 2 Night” after the Super Bowl (on what is undoubtedly the largest American television audience of the year), the Purple One treated the preview like an afterthought. Prince was already moving on from the polished funk-n-pop tune, which even had novice listeners lighting up Twitter with fervent praise for what many pegged as his newest single.

Tabloid blogging king Perez Hilton lauded the whimsical dance workout declaring it “FABOOSH!” There’s even a lighthearted petition circulating for the commercial release of “Don’t U Wanna Fall In Love 2 Night.” But of course for Prince—who is currently setting London, England on fire with a series of surprise small club gigs charging a mere 10 pounds to witness what many are describing as amongst his greatest live showings ever—this is nothing new. His legendary run is filled with tracks that deserved headlining status. VIBE presents 10 Prince songs that should have been released as a single.—Keith Murphy (@murphdogg29)

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