11 Lessons College Forgot To Teach You About The Real World



One of the most pivotal moments of our twenty something lives was having the full blown college experience. Getting your degree is equivalent to a green card. We’re taught that it provides a foundation for our future, but how much did we really apply to the real world– especially if we deterred away from the traditional jobs or additional schooling that many are expected to get right after?

Here are some lessons college conveniently avoided.

1. Building Your Own Brand

You learn many things in college about how to be an employee, which used to be beneficial to the 9-5 dreamer. If your future endeavor is to land a position for a major corporation like Google, college can certainly provide the fundamentals needed to flourish in the workplace. But what if you have an entrepreneurial mind set? Few universities are fortunate to provide entrepreneurship courses accustomed to your major, but where were the classes on social media?  Thriving in the social media world allows us to use self marketing to our advantage. Seeing as how many UN-traditional jobs  calculate your twitter following,  who knew social media presence could play a major role in definitively determining your next career move?

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