5 Reasons You Should Listen To Daley’s ‘Days & Nights’ LP Right Now


U.K.-based singer/ songwriter Daley is still bubbling across the pond but has already worked with the biggest names Stateside. From vibing with Pharrell in the studio, snagging co-signs from Questlove and Miguel, the 24-year-old continues to put in work for his own sake.

“I’ve done quite a lot of collaborations over the last couple of years so it’s nice for me to just be able to for the rest of the album just be like, ‘This is me,’ you know?,” he told VIBE after his show last December.

On Feb. 11, just three days shy of Valentine’s Day, Daley dropped his courageously emo album Days & Nights, making talking about your feelings the awesome thing to do. If you’ve caught wind of his Marsha Ambrosius-assisted R&B masterpiece “Alone Together” and mentally double-tapped it, then trust, it only gets better from here. In case you needed more convincing, here’s 10 reasons why his newest release needs both your ears ASAP.—Samantha Kennedy

1. Daley has an open door policy
Daley truly takes you into his own life experiences with this album, tearing his heart open and letting it bleed. He describes the album as a doorway into his life, saying in an interview with ThisisRnB.com last April, “Everything that’s in there is what I’ve experienced through my days and night over the past two years, maybe a little longer.” After listening, you find his jam-packed LP is truly one-size-fits-all.

2. Daley tapped your favorite producers
Veteran beatsmiths jumped on the project to put an intriguing spin on soul music. Daley tapped heavyweight producers including the aforementioned Pharrell, Canei Finch and Illangelo. After lacing the hit single, “Alone Together” and “Pass It On” with melodic greatness, Finch, who has also worked with J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, also lent his writer chops. Canadian producer Illangelo, mostly known for his work with The Weekend and who has also worked with the likes of Lady Gaga and Drake, contributed his own mellow sound to the opening track, “Time Travel.” Even the Grammy Award-winning Skateboard P also leaves his mark on the track, “Look Up.”

3. Daley makes heartache hurt so good
For all the ladies and Drake out there, enter “Broken.” “I’m never gonna look this way again/ cause every time I try I end up broken,” the England native sings. Before you drunk dial The Ex, pore out your emotions alongside Daley instead. As he wrings out the metaphoric wet tissues of insecurity and failed expectations, Daley offers up a melodic Kleenex to help you face your romantic fears head-on: “Cause any minute you will say the words goodbye/ Give me love, then change your mind/ And break all that I am inside.”

4. Daley sprinkles in positive notes
While the album conveys a sulky mood at times, it also has its flashes of sunshine. Daley cranks up the positivity with the upbeat, feel good song, “Pass It On.” After beating his chest in the name of heartbreak, he waxes poetic on brighter days: “Feels good, feels fine/ Take the feeling, pass it on/ So good, like sunshine/ Take the feeling, pass it on/ Just pass it on.” Daley reminds us that happiness is ours to find.

5. Daley just wants to be loved
Now that you’ve traded in your FastPass for the emotional rollercoaster that is Days & Nights, the ginger-haired wordsmith hits home with the song “Love Somebody.” The second-to-last track shuns out fear yet speaks a truth fit for a deep tweet. “There’s a want in me, that won’t sweat off,” Daley admits in the melancholy melody, “I guess, we all want to be loved.”

Daley’s Days & Nights is available on iTunes here.

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