50 Cent Talks Details Of New Independent Record Deal


After announcing that he would be leaving Shady/Aftermath/Interscope Records and signing with the independent Caroline/Capitol/UMG imprint, 50 Cent has now divulged a bit of the details. In an interview with FORBES, the Queens rapper/mogul explained the reasoning behind his decision, as well as what’s in it for him.

“It’s freedom to invest in your own ideas,” he said. “If ever I had a horse that I was betting on at the track, I’d like to be the horse. Let it be me, goddammit, because I’m going to run as hard as I can.”

Comparing the logistics to Birdman’s setup with with Universal Records in which he coughs up 7% in exchange for distribution. Shady/Aftermath will continue their market control over 50 Cent’s previous albums, while the rapper gains autonomy on his upcoming work. Fif also shared that though he owed Shady/Interscope one last record, he did not have to pay any money for his premature leave.

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“I’m a special case and situation,” he told FORBES. “It’s also because of the leverage of having the strong relationships with Eminem and Dr. Dre. They don’t want me to be uncomfortable. They value our friendship to the point that they would never want [to jeopardize] it over that little bit of money.”

With his newly-inked deal, 50 Cent now has the option to get more creative with his album’s releases — a la Jay Z and Beyonce. He now also has control over music recording schedules and video releases.

“It’s having the ability to do that versus, ‘It’s out of the question,’” he said. “Now those options have opened up.”