Watch: 50 Cent Talks NASCAR Collab And Upcoming ‘Animal Ambition’ Project


Another one of his many business ventures, 50 Cent’s SMS Audio headphones now serves as a sponsor for NASCAR. A team venture with the Swan Racing Team, Fif’s SMS logo will appear on cars in this year’s races. And on his recent visit to Florida in support of his drivers of the 2014 Daytona 500, Fif discussed the collaboration, as well as his upcoming project Animal Ambition.

“The project is about prosperity, all the effects of it,” he said at a press conference. “Even people developing sense of entitlement on some levels, envy and jealousy. There’s the positive portion of it also. And just wanting to continue success. It matches where I am actually at this point.”

Fifty also addressed his recent departure from Interscope Records. He shared that his newly-acquired autonomy will allow him to have creative control.

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“Now, I have control of my actual project now, officially. So I don’t have to answer to anyone. I no longer have to wait for Interscope Records to clear anything because I independently own everything that I’m releasing.”

Watch the entire press conference below: