50 Things Pharrell Hasn’t Done Yet (But Probably Will)


Pharrell is a robot. Before you say nah, can you prove it? The 40-year-old Renaissance Man’s career has shot into orbit lately and nothing can stop him. In the past couple years, he’s collaborated with everyone on Earth, launched a creative venture (I Am Other) and a liquor line (Qream), won multiple Grammys, released a 24-hour music video, earned an Oscar nomination and even found time to get hitched.

The man is helping score The Amazing Spider-Man 2. In 2009, he dreamt of manufacturing graduation gowns. “Does he have a video game?”—Someone in the office asked this and we had to Google because it’s completely possible that he has.

Still, Skateboard P hasn’t conquered everything in the world…yet. Here’s a list of 50 things that Pharrell (to the best of our knowledge) hasn’t done, which is basically a list of future Pharrell achievements because he can do anything he puts his mind to.

1. Age

2. Travel to space

3. Win a hot dog eating contest

4. Obtain an Olympic gold medal in a sport

5. Coach a little league team to a championship

6. Win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony for the elusive EGOT

7. Run for mayor of Virginia Beach

8. Run for any political office

9. Open a skate park

10. Star in a Tyler Perry movie co-starring Tyler Perry

11. Collaborate with NASA

11. Become a creative director for NASA

12. Drop a surprise visual album

13. Own a professional sports team

14. Start a skincare line (please do this, P)

15. Manufacture his own line of action figures

16. Grace the cover of American Vogue

17. Perform on the lunar surface

18. Release a cookbook

19. Do his own show on HGTV

20. Perform magic tricks professionally

21. Win a marathon

22. Win Dancing With The Stars

23. Become an architect

24. Record a song called “Sad”

25. Gain 100 pounds