9th Wonder Talks Phonte, Jay Z And More On ‘Juan Epstein’

Hip-hop producer 9th Wonder got on the mic for the Juan Epstein podcast and had much knowledge to share. The Grammy Award winning producer/ DJ flapped his gums about his longtime friend Phonte, a missed Jay Z’s collaboration, and his title as professor at top universities.

When describing his break into the mainstream, the North Carolina-bred beatsmith recalled playing his beats for Hov. While he wasn’t willing to share the amount of dollars the Brooklyn boy paid him, he was more than happy to humblebrag.

“I’m one of the few producers that have worked with both Jay Z and Beyoncé,” he boasted.

He went on to call Phonte “One of the best rappers – if not the best rapper of the past decade,” before explaining why the former Little Brother spitter didn’t make it as big as Drake.

“Young Money created a platform for Drake to have that platform to get to a larger audience,” he said. “Once you get to that particular platform of being mainstream, you know, you are being exposed to a bunch of people who don’t matter what you sounds like. Kendrick Lamar is a classic example. How many people out of the people that bought his album really understand Kendrick Lamar? We can say maybe 200, 250 thousand.”

Check out the rest of the interview where Rapsody and ADD-2 also chime in about their forthcoming project Jamla is the Squad below.

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