Agoria Breaks Down His Top 5 DJ Motivators

French techno maestro has been on a remix tear. With his recent edits of Moby’s “Almost Home” and Griefjoy’s track “Feel,” Agoria is the name on techno fans’ lips across the globe. How does this producer-DJ stay inspired with a touring schedule that won’t quit? Agoria explains the five motivators that keep him going strong on the decks as he spins his way from city to city.

1. The driver who picks you up at the airport when you land.
“There are three types of driver, I’ve noticed. Type 1: He can be very professional, on time and polite. He doesn’t need to wear a tie or smile too much, cause he knows he’s doing a good job. Type 2: He’s delayed and late. Could be the traffic, could be a misunderstanding with his partner, could be a soccer match, it could be his wife’s birthday! Either way he’ll let you know. Type 3: The one who completely forgets about you.”

2. The receptionist of the hotel.
“When you arrive at the hotel, the promoter has already checked you in, so the concierge says: ‘You have been upgraded to superior room.’ Love that. Or there’s: ‘We can’t find your reservation, passport s’il vous plait!’ Not ideal. Then there’s: “We can’t find your reservation and we are fully booked, you’ll have to find somewhere else to sleep tonight.”

3. The promoters, when they arrange dinner for the evening.
“There’s a few scenarios here: ‘We reserved a table at a restaurant with your favorite cuisine, we’re sure you’re gonna enjoy it.’ Or there’s: ‘Sorry we’re so busy but friends of ours will pick up and show you around before dinner.’ But sometimes I get: ‘Is room service okay for you?’ Sometimes actually I prefer this when I’m tired!”

4. The welcome bag on stage/rider.
“Upon arrival at the show there are a variety of riders provided for me:
‘We found a nice bottle of Hendrick’s Gin for you, have fun tonight.’
Or: ‘What is a welcome bag? What? You want a beer?’
Or the worst case: ‘You’re French, so we bought you some nice cheese.’ [I HATE CHEESE].”

5. The audience.
“I love the ones who are like ‘Wooo! What’s this tune – love it!’
But sometimes they say: ‘Could you play more of your own tunes please?’ Then, the ultimate, which is: ‘Can u play something else, do you know DJ Alesso?’”