Angela Simmons: Full Frontal



Ultimately, Angela is a descendant of rap royalty and may just be hip hop’s most hailed (and hated) heiress. Her family is MTV’s “The Cosby Show” 2.0. “I was spoiled growing up,” she admits, “but I’m not a brat. Brats cry for what they want, they don’t work for it.” Once Rev’s younger daughter captured her own audience, the Daddy’s Girl went from “Run’s House” to running a fashion house of her own. She knows she has pull and privilege, but doesn’t want that to be the only thing to propel her forward.

“I’m used to the comments,” Angela shares, “but at the end of the day I’m not concerned, because I know how hard I work. I can go to my dad and my uncle for advice, but other than that, anything that I have today, I’ve worked for. I pour my heart into it, and I live, sleep, breathe, eat it. I’m not going to sit here and prove to someone that I’m working; you’re going to see for yourself.”

She’s been called every b-word in the book. But whether you see the popular princess slash mini mogul as a boss, a brand, a brat, or a bitch, this Simmons sister is most definitely about her biz.

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