Ariana Grande Wears Sexy Lingerie for V Magazine [Photos]


Ariana Grande for V Magazine

Ariana Grande’s cookie cutter ways have fallen to the wayside for V Magazine. The 20-year old is showing off her petite figure in Victoria’ Secret and Manolo Blahniks for the mag’s spring music issue and shouting out her hair haters.

“I use my hair as a mask, as a shield. I hide behind it and it’s what keeps me me. Some people make fun of me for it, but I don’t know who those some people are, so I don’t care.” The former Nickelodeon star recently revealed the painful truth behind her synthetic locks, calling her real hair “ratchet and absurd” after one too many dye jobs.

Today, the powerhouse singer is learning to embrace her unique look and worry less about the critics.

“I’ve learned over the past year that you don’t have time to chase after ever person who doesn’t understand you,” she shares. “The people that know me know that I’m a nice girl. My fans know that I’m a nice girl. My friends know that I’m a nice girl. And ultimately, that’s all that matters.”

Ariana also dishes on living a strictly vegan diet and why Americans sometimes “end up looking like cows.”

“In America, almost everybody thinks you need to have meat for protein. Protein, protein, protein! And what’s in dairy? Calcium, calcium, calcium,” she said. “It’s those kinds of proteins that latch onto the insides of your blood- stream and make it easier for you to have a heart attack. Look, cows produce milk withnutrients for cows…Ultimately, no one wants cow tit pus in their food, do they?”

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Photo Credit: Tom Munro/V Magazine