Brooklyn Principal Exposed For Lies After Botching Fraternity Handshake


A Brooklyn principal is getting embarrassed after lying on his resume multiple times and then snitching on himself by not knowing the handshake of the fraternity that he claimed to be a member of.

The NY Post reports that Lewis Franklin Thomas III has been fired from education jobs in three other cities and was first caught lying in Cleveland. His résumé also offers lies like his former position as a principal (he was really just a teacher) and a previous job in the White House (maybe the school was just painted white). Tim Goler, an Alpha member and Cleveland educator, also found that Thomas had invented a doctorate and master’s degree for himself. If only it was that easy.

Still, some people at Urban Dove, a Brooklyn charter school that harbors 182 students, say that he’s made a positive impact. “He does a good job here. He’s trying to help out these kids,” one teacher said Friday, declining to give his name. Thomas has denied faking his résumé, but no official statement has been given. — Max Weinstein

via HipHopWired